14 Out 2019Novel Treatment for Plaque Psoriasis Shows Long-term Benefit

The reSURFACE 1 and 2 studies show 4-year benefits with the monoclonal antibody for patients with moderate to severe...

14 Out 2019Doc-Senator: Don't Rely on DC to Reduce Physician Burden

If physicians want to make changes in healthcare, they need to get more involved to make it happen, says Sen. Bill...

14 Out 2019Sun-Wise Campaigns May Have Reduced Skin Cancer Rates

A skin cancer protection program in Australia led to marked changes in sun-related behaviors that correspond to a...

14 Out 2019Do High-Dose Statins Increase the Risk for Osteoporosis?

First study of its kind to show that although low doses of statins appear protective of bone health, high doses may...

14 Out 2019Gender-Affirming Surgery May Lower Use of Mental Health Services

Transgender individuals use fewer mental health services after they receive gender-affirming surgery, new research...

11 Out 2019Nurse Says Colleagues Kept Patients Quiet With Benadryl

A whistleblower lawsuit alleges that when she reported this to supervisors she was immediately treated unfairly and...

11 Out 2019CDC Updates Guidance on Vaping-Linked Illness, Coins Term EVALI

Cases of vaping-associated lung injury top 1200, with 26 deaths, while the cause remains elusive. The CDC still advises...

11 Out 2019FDA Approves New Drug Option for Acute Migraine

The US Food and Drug Administration has approved Reyvow (lasmiditan) tablets for acute migraine with or without aura in...

11 Out 2019Men Have Fun in Prostate Cancer Trial

In a randomized trial, football, or soccer as it is known in the United States, benefitted men with prostate cancer in...

11 Out 2019Socioeconomic Factors Delay Hearing Aids for Kids

Getting a hearing aid may take longer for non-Hispanic children with public insurance, a study found. Medscape...

11 Out 2019Activity Monitors Work Better With Health Professional Input

Study found modest increases in physical activity in cardiometabolic patients, especially with pedometers and interface...

11 Out 2019Seniors' Antidepressant Use Soars, Depression Rates Unchanged

Antidepressant use by the elderly has more than doubled during the past 2 decades, despite relatively little change in...

11 Out 2019Being Overweight Wipes 4 Years From Life, New Report Reveals

"What we have done is not enough," says influential group as it launches a grim global report showing people...

11 Out 2019Can Anticoagulants Prevent Alzheimer's?

Treatment with an oral anticoagulant delays memory decline and the appearance of Alzheimer disease in a transgenic...

11 Out 2019Virtual Tumor Board Faster and Better Than Real Life

A virtual molecular tumor board platform reduced case-review times from 14 days to 4 days. Researchers hope that the...

11 Out 2019RN Pay Stagnant for 3rd Year; Annual LPN Pay Up $2K

This year, the gender gap narrows for salaried RNs. Salaried nurses make significantly more than those paid by the...

13 Out 2019In European ICUs, Fewer Deaths Are Preceded by Life-Prolonging Therapy

End-of-life care practices in European ICUs have changed over the past two decades, with more limitations on...

13 Out 2019Australian Clinicians Uncertain About Managing Risk-Reducing Bilateral Salpingo-Oophorectomy

A survey of Australian healthcare professionals managing premenopausal women at high genetic risk for ovarian cancer...

11 Out 2019Amid Vaping Crisis, U.S. to Issue New Advice for Doctors Focused on Lung Infections

U.S. health officials are preparing to release new guidance for doctors stressing the need to ask every patient with an...

13 Out 2019U.S. Vaping-Related Deaths Rise to 26, Illnesses to 1,299

U.S. health officials on Thursday reported 26 deaths and 1,299 confirmed and probable cases so far from a mysterious...


Relativamente à hepatite C, qual a afirmação que lhe parece mais correta:

Indique a sua idade:
1.É uma doença crónica, o tratamento é difícil e a cura é rara.
2.É muito contagiosa e as relações sexuais desprotegidas são o principal fator de risco.
3.É uma doença que tem um tratamento fácil (com comprimidos), rápido (8 a 12 semanas) e muito eficaz.
4.É uma doença que só se desenvolve nos toxicodependentes (consumidores de drogas ilícitas).


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