16 Nov 2019ORION-10: 58% Reduction in LDL With Inclisiran

A second phase 3 study has shown impressive reductions in LDL on top of statins with this novel agent given just twice...

16 Nov 2019AHA Invests Big in 'End the Lies' Research to Thwart Youth Vaping

The AHA announced a three-pronged plan to stop teen vaping: a $20 million research initiative, a hashtag/website...

16 Nov 2019COLCOT: Colchicine Shows Promise to Reduce Events After MI

A widely available anti-inflammatory agent used to treat pericarditis and gout may have value in secondary prevention...

16 Nov 2019Asthma Prescribing Choice Affects Greenhouse Gas Emissions

For every 10% of metered-dose inhalers replaced with dry powder inhalers, greenhouse gas emissions could be reduced and...

16 Nov 2019FDA OKs Crizanlizumab, Targeted Therapy for Sickle Cell Crisis

Crizanlizumab binds to P-selectin, a cell adhesion protein that plays a central role in the multicellular interactions...

15 Nov 2019New AHA/ACC Performance and Quality Statement on Hypertension

Hypertension affects more than one third of US adults, but achieving adequate control remains elusive. A new document...

15 Nov 2019EMA Panel Backs Fostamatinib (Tavalisse) for Chronic ITP

Fostamatinib, a spleen tyrosine kinase inhibitor, helps increase and maintain the platelet count and reduce bleeding...

15 Nov 2019Virginia Ob-Gyn Accused of 'Deeply Disturbing' Unneeded Surgeries

The physician is also accused of removing a woman's fallopian tubes without her knowledge. A prosecutor says 173 women...

15 Nov 2019New Shingles Vaccine: What You Need to Know

The shingles vaccine Shingrix was approved in 2017. Doctors say they are learning more about how it works, its safety...

15 Nov 2019HHS Kicks Off Battle for More Price Transparency in Healthcare

CMS intends to use regulations to force more disclosure of prices. The agency expects this would foster development of...

15 Nov 2019New HIV Care Models, Apps Emerging as Patients Age

Innovations include combining metabolic focus with HIV, centralizing a care team to treat patients in 90-minute...

15 Nov 2019More Adolescents Seek Medical Care for Mental Health Issues

Hospital emergency rooms throughout California are reporting a sharp increase in adolescents and young adults seeking...

15 Nov 2019New Guidelines Underway for Gout and Vasculitis

The recommendations are undergoing peer review for publication in 2020, but delegates got a first glimpse here at the...

15 Nov 2019IVF Add-Ons Don't Improve Birth Rates

Multiple reviews find IVF add-ons are on the market without sufficient evidence they improve the odds of having a baby....

15 Nov 2019EMA Panel Endorses Polatuzumab for Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma

The Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use recommended marketing approval of the drug for treatment of...

15 Nov 2019Best, Worst, and Typical Cancer Survival: New Estimates Tool

A new tool offers not one but three estimates for approximating the survival of advanced cancer patients. Medscape...

15 Nov 2019Lavender Promising for Anxiety but Evidence Base Needs to Grow

Lavender may have a role in treating anxiety, but no firm conclusions can be drawn without higher quality, less biased...

15 Nov 2019How Old Outcome Surveys Let Young Patients Down

Patient-reported outcome measures have been criticized by young adults as 'old-people's questionnaires,' and a task...

15 Nov 2019Osteoporosis Screening Often Missed in Patients With ESRD

Women with ESRD on hemodialysis are rarely screened for osteoporosis despite the fact they are at high risk for bone...

15 Nov 2019First Approval for Osilodrostat for Cushing Syndrome, in EU

Move marks the first worldwide approval for cortisol synthesis inhibitor that normalizes cortisol levels in most...


Relativamente à hepatite C, qual a afirmação que lhe parece mais correta:

Indique a sua idade:
1.É uma doença crónica, o tratamento é difícil e a cura é rara.
2.É muito contagiosa e as relações sexuais desprotegidas são o principal fator de risco.
3.É uma doença que tem um tratamento fácil (com comprimidos), rápido (8 a 12 semanas) e muito eficaz.
4.É uma doença que só se desenvolve nos toxicodependentes (consumidores de drogas ilícitas).


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