22 Maio 2019Do You Recommend a Ketogenic Diet to Your Patients?

Recent studies suggest benefits and risks to the popular low-carb diet. Medscape Reader Polls

22 Maio 2019Stopping bDMARDs Before RA Hip, Knee Arthroplasty Questioned

Postarthroplasty infection risk in those with rheumatoid arthritis was higher after even modest preoperative doses of...

22 Maio 2019Former Ohio State Team Doctor Sexually Abused at Least 177

A yearlong investigation concluded that the university knew of complaints as early as 1979 but allowed Richard Strauss...

22 Maio 2019Doctors, Patients Struggle With Benzodiazepine Use

Addiction specialists say more people are becoming dependent on a class of drug that's hard to give up and doesn't play...

21 Maio 2019Timing of Colorectal Cancer Screening Disputed

The incidence of colorectal cancer is increasing around the world, and specialists are deliberating whether it's time...

21 Maio 2019Experts Go Toe-to-Toe Over Esketamine Depression Study

The ongoing debate over the risks and benefits of recently approved esketamine nasal spray for treatment-resistant...

21 Maio 2019Guidelines Addressing Physician Sexual Abuse Long Past Due

As other industries take action against sexual abuse, it's long past time for the healthcare industry to step up and...

21 Maio 2019ICH Risk Increased With Low-Dose Aspirin in Primary Prevention

The benefits of low-dose aspirin in symptomatic CVD are established, but any benefit does not outweigh the risk of...

21 Maio 2019FDA Warns of Increased Mortality With Abiomed Impella RP

A letter to healthcare providers says the increased risk is mostly among those who would not have qualified for...

21 Maio 2019NIH Suspended Some Grants to Duke Amid Concern for Patient Safety

Case followed misconduct finding in oncology research, and lung research that led to $112.5 million settlement with the...

21 Maio 2019Small Vessel TLR Rate Lower at 3 Years With Sirolimus-Eluting Stent

Other components of the primary composite end point of target lesion failure did not differ among the three stents...

21 Maio 2019CBD Offers 'Significant Promise' for Heroin Addiction

Oral cannabidiol reduces cue-induced drug craving and anxiety and may be a good non-opioid treatment option for opioid...

21 Maio 2019Mediterranean Diet May Keep Late-Life Depression at Bay

Adherence to a Mediterranean diet may guard against late-life depression, new research shows. Medscape Medical News

21 Maio 2019Body Adiposity, Not BMI, Key to CV Risk in Colorectal Cancer

"One of the exciting developments is there are now automated techniques that can precisely quantify the amount of...

21 Maio 2019What's Happening at ASCO 2019?

The largest meeting in the oncology world is taking place in Chicago yet again, but this year some novel topics are in...

21 Maio 20196-Hour Intervention Steers More Med Students to Psychiatry

A brief intervention aimed at medical students reduces stigma and improves attitudes toward mental illness, and prompts...

21 Maio 2019CBD Gel Promising for Fragile X Syndrome

A clear transdermal cannabidiol (CBD) gel improved emotional and behavioral symptoms in children and adolescents with...

20 Maio 2019Long-term Data Reveal Health Fallout for Children of 9/11

Children who were directly exposed experience separation anxiety, panic disorder, marijuana use and other psychiatric...

20 Maio 2019Measles Cases Highest Since 1994, Now in 24 States, CDC Says

The number of confirmed measles cases in the United States rose by 41 in the past week, to 880 cases from January 1 to...

20 Maio 2019Anxiety in America Still High: Top Nationwide Worries Revealed

A nationwide survey shows two thirds of Americans are extremely or somewhat anxious about keeping themselves and their...


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