18 Mar 2019AI Reduces False Positives in Lung Cancer Screening

A new machine learning algorithm outperformed existing methods in differentiating benign nodules from cancer. ...

18 Mar 2019TWiST Strengthens PARP Inhibitor Role in Ovarian Cancer

New analysis of the NOVA trial confirms clinical benefit from niraparib for patients with recurrent ovarian cancer. The...

18 Mar 2019Ripple Effect: Repackaged Losartan Recalled Due to Impurity

Legacy Pharmaceutical recalls 43 repackaged lots of losartan because of the presence of the probable carcinogen...

18 Mar 2019Immunotherapy Should Be First Line in Merkel Cell Carcinoma

Pembrolizumab demonstrated durable tumor control, a generally manageable safety profile, and favorable survival...

18 Mar 2019From Bench to Bedside: ENDO 2019 Ties Science to Clinical Care

'What distinguishes ENDO from other meetings is that you get a curated view of what is the newest, hottest, and best in...

18 Mar 2019Chemo for Early-Stage Prostate Cancer? RTOG 0521 Says Maybe

In major clinical trial, docetaxel, which is typically used in metastatic disease, improved outcomes in high-risk,...

18 Mar 2019Phone Intervention for Patients Most At Risk Improves HbA1c

Pharmacist-led phone interventions to improve insulin adherence in patients with diabetes worked best when those at...

18 Mar 2019Stroke Mortality Down, but Global Burden Remains High

Although the global stroke mortality rate dropped substantially from 1990 to 2016, the global burden of stroke is still...

18 Mar 2019WRAP-IT: Antibacterial Pouch Cuts Device Infections

The trial provides the first randomized data supporting prophylaxis with the long-available TYRX envelope, but cost...

18 Mar 2019Lifestyle Changes Do a Number on PSA Values

Two month's abstinence from a few of life's pleasures obviated the need for prostate biopsy in nearly half of men who...

18 Mar 2019Novel Program Trains Nurse Practitioners to Manage Pain Patients

In a unique educational program, nurse practitioners learned how to examine patients with shoulder and knee pain and...

18 Mar 2019Hopeful Heart: Team Care for Mood Plus HF Improves Wellbeing

There is hope for improving mood and quality of life for heart failure patients with depression, a new trial suggests....

18 Mar 2019Could Ultrasound Serve as an Early Bone Density Screening Tool?

A small study suggests ultrasound of the heel bone could be a preliminary way of assessing bone density. The idea has...

18 Mar 2019Autism, Depression Tied to Prenatal Maternal Infection

A study of more than 1.5 million children suggests those who had been exposed to maternal infection in utero are at...

18 Mar 2019TAVR Low-Risk Studies Get Standing Ovation at ACC

The success of the two trials of transcatheter aortic valve replacement in low-surgical-risk patients stole the show at...

17 Mar 2019New AHA/ACC CVD Primary Prevention Guideline

As expected, the new document recommends generally against aspirin in primary prevention, and aims to make a 'one-stop...

17 Mar 2019AUGUSTUS Backs Apixaban 'Double Therapy' in Most AF Post-ACS, PCI

The most safe and effective antithrombotic regimen may involve neither warfarin nor aspirin, suggested a trial that...

16 Mar 2019Apple Watch Helps Detect AF: Is This the Future?

The first study of its kind involving more than 400,000 members of the general population used an Apple Watch to...

16 Mar 2019HoT-PE Puts Early Discharge for Low-Risk PE on Front Burner

The findings strengthen consideration of home treatment for patients at sufficiently low risk and raise the issue of...

16 Mar 2019CABANA Published: Mixed Results, Helpful Insights

Primary clinical outcomes were similar for catheter ablation and meds-only in the atrial fibrillation trial. But...


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