18 Abr 2019Washington University Med School Latest to Offer Free Tuition

The St. Louis school becomes the seventh in the nation to give full or partial tuition relief to medical students. ...

18 Abr 2019Prolonged Lung Cancer Screening Boosts Mortality Benefit

New data show that CT screening of individuals beyond 5 years can significantly increase survival benefits. Medscape...

18 Abr 2019Genetic Crosstalk in Cancer Therapy-Induced Cardiomyopathy

A genetic study links cancer-therapy-induced and dilated cardiomyopathies and signals how identification of genetic...

18 Abr 2019Treatment Switch for Hep B Patients With Renal, Bone Risk

A change to a different form of tenofovir might lower the risk for adverse bone and renal effects, new research shows,...

18 Abr 2019One in Five MS Patients Misdiagnosed

Multiple sclerosis misdiagnosis is associated with considerable patient risk and immense healthcare cost through the...

18 Abr 20193D Printer Makes Swaths of Cardiac Tissue and a Tiny 'Heart'

Heart facsimiles up to 2 cm across were printed, along with squares of tissue that could potentially patch up damaged...

18 Abr 2019Multiple Hep B Targets in Development for New Treatments

Hepatitis B is a complex, 'clever' virus so several simultaneous approaches might be needed to eliminate it, experts...

18 Abr 2019Yale Study Revives Cellular Activity in Pig Brains Hours After Death

Yale University scientists have succeeded in restoring basic cellular activity in pigs' brains hours after their deaths...

18 Abr 2019Novel Antiplatelet Agent May Not Increase Bleeding Risk

Initial clinical results suggest that the new agent may be suitable for use with thrombolysis in acute ischemic stroke....

18 Abr 2019Neurosurgeons Are Working Harder, for Less: Here's Proof

A new study shows Medicare compensation for the 20 most commonly performed neurosurgery procedures fell by more than...

18 Abr 2019Triple Therapy May Lengthen Survival in Biliary Tract Cancers

Phase 2 findings suggest nab-paclitaxel plus gemcitabine-cisplatin may prolong survival in advanced biliary tract...

18 Abr 2019Slowed Processing of Facial Emotions May Predict Psychosis

Slow processing and identification of facial emotions may be a reliable predictor of conversion to schizophrenia in...

18 Abr 2019Reference Values Found for Osteoporosis Screening With CTs

A single center study has identified reference values for opportunistic screening for osteoporosis using CT scans done...

18 Abr 2019Doping-Targeted Tests Having an Impact in E-Sports, Says Verroken

Targeted testing of e-sports competitors is leading to a rethink about drug cheating in online gaming and which...

17 Abr 2019St. Jude Doctors Claim Cure for 'Bubble Boy' Disease

Relying on the trickery used by the AIDS virus to infect people, doctors at two medical centers say they have cured 10...

18 Abr 2019MRI Identifies Rectal-Cancer Patients Suitable for Primary Surgery

MRI criteria can be used to identify "good prognosis" rectal-cancer patients for primary surgery (without...

18 Abr 2019France to Ban Titanium Dioxide Whitener in Food From 2020

France will ban the use of titanium dioxide as a food additive from 2020 after the country's health and safety agency...

17 Abr 2019Dozens of Doctors in 7 States Charged in Opioid Fraud Bust

Dozens of medical professionals in Appalachia, a region hard-hit by the U.S. opioid crisis, have been charged with...

18 Abr 2019MR Enterography Best Identifies Fibrotic Vs Inflammatory Strictures in Crohn's Disease

Conventional imaging techniques accurately detect strictures in patients with Crohn's disease, but magnetic resonance...

17 Abr 2019Surgeons Find Polyps as Well as Endoscopists

Endoscopist characteristics should not influence the choice of endoscopist for colorectal cancer screening, researchers...


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