14 Jun 2019Michigan Doc Accused of Using Dirty Devices; HIV, Hepatitis Risk

The Michigan Licensing Department filed a formal complaint against Dr Roger Beyer for allegedly telling staff to re-use...

14 Jun 2019Novel Assay Identifies Patients at High Risk for Kidney Injury

A urinary biomarker identifies patients at high risk for acute kidney injury after cardiac surgery, but that risk can...

14 Jun 2019Leuprorelin Depot Handling Errors Prompt EMA Review

Handling errors with leuprolide acetate depot formulations have reportedly led to problems such as leakages from the...

14 Jun 2019AMA Backs Extending Medicaid to 12 Months After Childbirth

Current policy only covers women to 60 days postpartum, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say one in...

14 Jun 2019New AHA/HFSA Statement on Diabetes and Heart Failure

A new scientific statement outlines guidance on managing concomitant heart failure and diabetes, common conditions that...

14 Jun 2019Depression Called a 'Core Symptom' of MS

MRI studies show multiple sclerosis brain changes linked to depression, but randomized controlled trials of...

14 Jun 2019Biosimilars Gaining in Popularity for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Support for biosimilars, considered to be safe and effective, is accumulating and will likely continue because of...

14 Jun 2019Harmful Chemicals in Children's Products

The chemicals children come in contact with each day can injure them, yet little is known about the ingredients in...

14 Jun 2019ORACLE-MS: Cladribine Effective in MS Subgroups

The recently approved disease-modifying therapy is expected to find a niche for patients with multiple sclerosis who...

14 Jun 2019Measurable Residual Disease in AML Ups Post-HSCT Relapse Risk

Measurable residual disease, detected with next-generation genomic sequencing, is associated with a significantly...

14 Jun 2019Mini-Biographies Help Clinicians Connect With Patients

The "My Life, My Story" project has writers crafting a story of a patient's life to be included in the EHR....

14 Jun 2019Shorter-term Herceptin Sufficient? No Agreement

Different conclusions have been drawn from similar findings, perhaps as a result of subjective margins for equivalence...

14 Jun 2019Parkinson's Cost Burden Pegged at $50 Billion a Year

The new cost estimates, which include detailed caregiving costs, are double what had previously been reported. ...

14 Jun 2019'ZIP-Code Risk' in Healthcare Needs Attention, Experts Say

Physicians and policy experts call for action on social determinants that can affect people's health, such as lacking...

14 Jun 2019Prediction Model Helps Flag Sound-Alike, Look-Alike Drugs

As many as 250,000 hospitalizations occur each year as a result of errors involving a drug being confused with another,...

15 Jun 2019Father's Smoking During Pregnancy Tied to Asthma in Kids

Children who are exposed to tobacco smoke from their fathers while they're in the womb may be more likely than those...

15 Jun 2019Communication Interventions May Alter Patients' DNR Decisions

Communication interventions such as pamphlets, discussions, videos about cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), handouts...

15 Jun 2019Ebola Not Known to Be Spreading in Uganda - WHO

There has been no known person-to-person spread of Ebola in Uganda despite the deaths of two people there who arrived...

15 Jun 2019Many Epinephrine Self-injectors Still Potent Long After Expiration Date

EpiPens and other autoinjectors filled with epinephrine to treat severe allergic reactions may still be potent enough...


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