19 Set 2019Cervical Cancer Mortality Rises as Women's Health Clinics Close

As women's healthcare clinics continue to close in the United States, cervical cancer screening rates have fallen,...

19 Set 2019'Concerning': Vitamin Use in Men With Prostate Cancer Increasing

Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) use is increasing among men with prostate cancer, but an expert advises...

19 Set 2019DAPA-HF Published: 'Stunning Consistent Benefit With Dapagliflozin'

Publication of trial reinforces "remarkably consistent" benefits of the SGLT2 inhibitor dapagliflozin in...

19 Set 2019Alzheimer's Drug Linked to Potentially Serious Muscle Condition

Results of a large population-based cohort study support regulatory agency warnings about the risk for...

19 Set 2019New Data on Natalizumab During Pregnancy in MS

Women with multiple sclerosis who continued to receive the drug during pregnancy had a much lower risk of relapses,...

19 Set 2019Once a Tiny Fraction of US Approvals, Cancer Drugs Now Dominate

In the 1980s, cancer drugs accounted for the smallest share of US approvals among the four major therapeutic classes....

19 Set 2019Apalutamide Now Also Approved for Metastatic Prostate Cancer

The androgen receptor inhibitor, which is already approved for use in nonmetastatic castration-resistant prostate...

19 Set 2019Novel Agent Imeglimin Improves Glucose Control in Type 2 Diabetes

The first-in-class "glimin" works at the mitochondrial level, targeting multiple defects in type 2 diabetes....

19 Set 2019AI Could Improve Healthcare for All -- Unless it Doesn't

AI-driven medical tools could democratize health care, but some worry they could also worsen inequalities. Undark

19 Set 2019AMA Awards Multiple Innovation Grants to Medical Schools

The emphasis is on health systems science, which was scarcely taught in medical schools 6 years ago. Medscape Medical...

19 Set 2019Former Med Student Headed to Prison for Murder-for-Hire Plot

Steven Arce tried to hire a hitman to kill a University of Iowa associate dean after being dismissed from the medical...

19 Set 2019Incidence of Type 2 Diabetes Up in Younger People and Risks Greater

Since the year 2000 the proportion of younger people with type 2 diabetes has risen and these people have higher...

19 Set 2019Data in EHRs Don't Match Physicians' Exam, Study Suggests

Only about 40% of review of systems and 50% of physical examination systems were corroborated by direct observation in...

18 Set 2019Generic Zantac Distribution Halted Worldwide

Zantac's manufacturer has halted distribution of the drug after findings that the medication may have become tainted...

18 Set 2019US Physicians Highest Paid Globally, but Spend Most for Training

In some countries, public medical education is free or costs little. Gender gaps were evident in pay across all seven...

18 Set 2019US Study Points Way to Polypill for CVD Prevention

Although the polypill could improve adherence and reduce health inequities, little progress has been made in its...

18 Set 2019Few Physicians Screen for Social Determinants of Health

Most US hospitals and physician practices do not screen for five social determinants of health: food insecurity,...

19 Set 2019India Bans E-Cigarettes as Global Backlash at Vaping Gathers Pace

India banned the sale of electronic cigarettes on Wednesday and warned of an "epidemic" among young people,...

18 Set 2019Parental Jail Time May Mean a Life Sentence for Kids

Parental incarceration is associated with a significantly increased risk of mental illness in offspring that can start...

18 Set 2019Computer Model Predicts Radiation Toxicity Before it Occurs

A computer model accurately predicted two common toxicities associated with radiation therapy for head and neck cancer....


Relativamente à hepatite C, qual a afirmação que lhe parece mais correta:

Indique a sua idade:
1.É uma doença crónica, o tratamento é difícil e a cura é rara.
2.É muito contagiosa e as relações sexuais desprotegidas são o principal fator de risco.
3.É uma doença que tem um tratamento fácil (com comprimidos), rápido (8 a 12 semanas) e muito eficaz.
4.É uma doença que só se desenvolve nos toxicodependentes (consumidores de drogas ilícitas).


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