18 Jul 2019Menstrual Cups Safe, Effective, and Largely Unkown

Menstrual cups are at least as effective at collecting menstrual blood as sanitary pads and tampons, yet a pervasive...

18 Jul 2019Support for Broadening ECG Criteria for Using CRT

It might be oversimplifying to focus only on heart failure patients with left-bundle-branch block, say some. There is a...

18 Jul 2019'Wake Up Call': Early Adult Health May Set Path for Later CVD

"This analysis brings the field 1 step closer to the 'holy grail' of a direct link between early life exposures...

18 Jul 2019Many Hospitals Not Meeting Standards for High-Risk Surgeries: Survey

Most hospitals don't perform enough surgeries to meet minimum safety standards. Three out of four also don't have...

18 Jul 2019Most New Drugs Show No Evidence of Added Benefit

Most new drugs entering the market have shown no added benefit over the existing standard of care, with psychiatry and...

18 Jul 2019Many Common, Deadly Cancers Underfunded by Nonprofits

Many common, deadly cancers are underfunded by nonprofit organizations; these cancers affect parts of the body that are...

18 Jul 2019Biden Cancer Initiative Hits 'Pause'

The organization has suspended operations while the former vice president conducts his 2020 campaign for president. ...

18 Jul 2019Blood Biomarker Identifies Multiple Neurologic Disorders

Increased levels of neurofilament light protein can identify a number of neurodegenerative conditions with good to...

18 Jul 2019Problem Persists: Overtreatment of Thyroid Cancer With RAI

A new study underscores concerns about overtreatment of patients with low-risk thyroid cancer with radioactive iodine,...

18 Jul 2019Heavy Alcohol Use May Triple Dementia Risk

Female military veterans with alcohol use disorder were three times more likely to develop dementia compared to their...

18 Jul 2019Alzheimer's Blood Test on the Horizon

The global race to create an inexpensive and accessible blood test for Alzheimer disease is heating up. Experts project...

18 Jul 2019Algorithm Could Be 'Major Leap Forward' for Pancreatic Cysts

Machine-learning trains algorithm to classify pancreatic cysts into low to high risk, potentially sparing patients'...

18 Jul 2019CMS Proposes New Bundled Payment Model for Radiation Oncology

CMS has proposed a new mandatory radiation oncology model, which would bundle payments for treatments that span a...

18 Jul 2019Secondhand Smoke Still Endangers 20% of Nonsmokers at Work: CDC

One fifth of nonsmoking workers reported recent secondhand smoke exposure, CDC researchers found; the number of exposed...

18 Jul 2019'Habit' of Workouts at Consistent Time of Day Tied to Meeting Activity Goals

People who always work out at the same time of day get more exercise overall and are more likely to get the recommended...

18 Jul 2019U.S. Women With Less Income, Education Often Lack Access to Infertility Care

Although women from all walks of life tend to experience infertility at similar rates, a new U.S. study suggests there...

18 Jul 2019Male Victims of Domestic Violence Struggle to Disclose Abuse

Men who experience domestic violence and abuse often don't seek help until the problem becomes a crisis, researchers...

18 Jul 2019WHO Declares Ebola Outbreak is International Health Emergency

The World Health Organization declared the Ebola outbreak in Democratic Republic of Congo to be a public health...

18 Jul 2019Dyslipidemia, Prediabetes More Common in Youth With Down Syndrome

Children and young adults with Down syndrome (DS) have a greater prevalence of abnormal lipid levels and prediabetes...

18 Jul 2019New Age-Related Macular Degeneration Common in Untreated Fellow Eyes

New age-related macular degeneration (AMD) develops in about a quarter of fellow eyes to those treated for neovascular...


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