20 Nov 2019Nutritional Support Linked to Better Survival Among Inpatients

Nutritional support improved survival among inpatients on general medical wards, most of whom received intermittent...

20 Nov 2019Vaping, Drug Issues Dominate FDA Chief Confirmation Hearing

Several senators pressed the nominee, Stephen Hahn, MD, on whether he would support a ban on flavored vaping products...

20 Nov 2019Ubrogepant Eases Acute Migraine Pain, New Data Confirm

Final results from the ACHIEVE II randomized, placebo-controlled trial confirm the safety and efficacy of the CGRP...

20 Nov 2019Gun Violence More Health Problem Than Criminal Justice Issue

Clinicians have protocols for health risks, such as alcohol withdrawal, but emergency physicians point out there is no...

20 Nov 2019No Link Between Abortion and Suicide Attempts

Abortion does not increase a woman's risk of attempting suicide, calling into question state policies that require...

20 Nov 2019US Air Ambulances: Expensive, Risky, and Regulation-Averse

Whereas the US has had 29 fatal air ambulance accidents since 2008, Canada has had just one and the UK has had none. ...

20 Nov 2019AMA Stands Up to Stop 'Fraud, Harm, Trauma' in LGBTQ Patients

The American Medical Association has announced several new and updated policies to better support and protect...

20 Nov 2019Identical Twins Don't Need Immunosuppression After Transplant

Kidney transplants between monozygotic twins can be done successfully without immunosuppression, with excellent...

20 Nov 2019Questions Over Value of Bevacizumab in Many Cancers

The value of bevacizumab in the treatment of many cancers has been questioned, given that it has been approved mostly...

20 Nov 2019Voice-Enabled AI App May Reduce EHR Documentation Time

A new pilot program that uses a voice-enabled artificial intelligence assistant may make speech recognition more...

20 Nov 2019Do You Ask Your Patients About Vaping Now?

The emergence of acute lung injuries linked to e-cigarette use has heightened scrutiny of vaping. Medscape Reader...

20 Nov 2019AMA Backs More Healthcare Economics Education for Med Students

The American Medical Association urges more study of cost-effective use of diagnostic services and treatments. ...

19 Nov 2019Silencing Novel Target Genes: A New Strategy for Lipid Lowering

Following in the footsteps of inclisiran, two lipid-lowering therapies based on silencing specific genes involved in...

19 Nov 2019FDA Update on Maquet/Datascope Intra-aortic Balloon Pump Failures

The FDA continues to get reports of device failures associated with the now-recalled Cardiosave Hybrid, Cardiosave...

19 Nov 2019DAPA-HF: Heart Failure Toolbox Poised to Add New Drug Family

'What I don't want to see is slow uptake, once it gets the indication in nondiabetics,' said one physician. Think of...

19 Nov 2019COACT at 1 Year: Later Angiography Okay in Non-STEMI Cardiac Arrest

These 1-year COACT results suggest that angiography remains essential, but early angiography does not improve long-term...

19 Nov 2019White House Unveils Finalized Healthcare Price Transparency Rule

The final directive drew swift responses from the hospital and insurance industries. A proposed rule would require...

19 Nov 2019Personal Goals Crucial in Virtual Reality Physical Training

Virtual reality can help with the rehabilitation of patients with movement problems, but the equipment and programs...

19 Nov 2019New Agent May Improve Seizure Control in Resistant Epilepsy

Adjunctive cenobamate is linked to greater decreases in seizure frequency and higher responder rates than placebo in...

19 Nov 2019Novel Antibody Looks Promising in Lupus Nephritis

A highly engineered anti-CD20 antibody, obinutuzumab, enhances renal responses in lupus nephritis compared with...


Relativamente à hepatite C, qual a afirmação que lhe parece mais correta:

Indique a sua idade:
1.É uma doença crónica, o tratamento é difícil e a cura é rara.
2.É muito contagiosa e as relações sexuais desprotegidas são o principal fator de risco.
3.É uma doença que tem um tratamento fácil (com comprimidos), rápido (8 a 12 semanas) e muito eficaz.
4.É uma doença que só se desenvolve nos toxicodependentes (consumidores de drogas ilícitas).


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