22 Jul 2019'High-Intensity' Telemedicine Curbs ED Use in Dementia Patients

A comprehensive telemedicine program proved effective in reducing emergency department visits in people with dementia...

22 Jul 2019Edwards Warns of Balloon Burst Risk With Sapien 3 Ultra

Reports suggest a low risk of burst balloons during implantation of the TAVR system, but it has prompted a type 1...

22 Jul 2019Physician Counseling After HIV Diagnosis Could Stem Epidemic

Authorities in the United States are using genetic tests to trace the path of HIV through communities, and physicians...

22 Jul 2019FDA OKs Apremilast (Otezla) for Oral Ulcers of Behcet's Disease

The oral phosphodiesterase-4 inhibitor is the first FDA approval for this indication. FDA Approvals

22 Jul 2019Gum Disease Bacteria a Novel Treatment Target for Alzheimer's?

Early studies point to Porphyromonas gingivalis, the bacteria linked to periodontal disease, as a possible causal...

22 Jul 2019FDA Approves First Lyrica Generics

The US FDA has approved multiple applications for the first generics of pregabalin (Lyrica) for the management of...

22 Jul 2019'More Plants, Less Meat, Less Diabetes,' New Analysis Indicates

People whose diet included more versus fewer nutrient-rich plant-based foods had a 30% lower risk of developing type 2...

22 Jul 2019PPIs Appear Largely Safe in Multiyear Trial

Proton pump inhibitors were not associated with any adverse event when used for three3 years, except for an increased...

22 Jul 2019Some Women Don't Heed Warnings of Acne Drug Danger During Pregnancy Conception

It's long been known that the highly effective acne medication isotretinoin is tied to the risk of severe birth...

22 Jul 2019Indoor Smoking Ban Tied to Heart Attack Decline in Older Adults

Heart attack rates dropped among older adults in Scotland in the decade after a nationwide indoor smoking ban took...

22 Jul 2019Smokers Have More Complications After Skin Cancer Surgery

Complications after skin cancer surgery may be more common in smokers and former smokers, a U.S. study suggests. ...

22 Jul 2019Out-of-Pocket Costs May Curb ARNI Use Among Medicare Recipients

High out-of-pocket costs may be hindering the use of sacubitril/valsartin, an angiotensin receptor-neprilysin inhibitor...

22 Jul 2019Osteoporosis Dilemma: Denosumab or Teriparatide After Bisphosphonates

For osteoporosis patients on bisphosphonates for more than a year, switching to teriparatide rather than denosumab...

22 Jul 2019Pets May Help Older Adults Manage Chronic Pain

People with pets may be able to use their companion animals to practice techniques for managing chronic pain without...

19 Jul 2019Medicare Shared Savings Program Stays Stable Despite More Risk

Providers are more willing to take on financial risk than some expected, CMS chief says, but critics of the program are...

22 Jul 2019American College of Surgeons Releases Standards for Surgical Care of Older Adults

The American College of Surgeons (ACS) has introduced a new surgical quality improvement program for hospitals that...

22 Jul 2019Intranasal Lorazepam Quickly Calms Agitated Child in ED

A kicking, spitting and struggling 7-year-old boy rapidly became cooperative following emergency department (ED)...

19 Jul 2019Health Insurers Make It Easy for Scammers to Steal Millions

Health insurers are regarded as fierce defenders of health care dollars. But the case of David Williams shows one...

19 Jul 2019Brain 'Go and Stop' Response May Hone ADHD Diagnosis in Kids

The ability to start and delay a task differs significantly between kids with attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder...

19 Jul 2019AI Predicts Long-term Death Risk From Single Chest X-ray

Using a single diagnostic image, a new artificial intelligence algorithm predicts 12-year mortality, new data...


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