23 Maio 2019Loneliness Common in Urban-Dwelling, Mid-Aged Women

Caregiver responsibilities and relationships of poor quality are contributors to severe loneliness in urban women, but...

23 Maio 2019FDA Issues Class l Recall of Three Blood Test Analyzers

The agency alerted hospitals, labs, and other providers after recurring complaints of inaccurate platelet counts with...

23 Maio 2019Half of US States Now Report Measles Cases

With Maine reporting its first confirmed case of measles on May 20, half of US states have now been hit with the highly...

23 Maio 2019FDA Clears First Zika Blood Test for Routine Use

The ZIKV Detect 2.0 IgM Capture ELISA had previously been authorized only for emergency use under the FDA's emergency...

23 Maio 2019Cerebral Microbleeds Should Not Deter Antithrombotics in Stroke

The absolute risk for ischemic stroke was consistently higher than the absolute risk for ICH regardless of microbleed...

23 Maio 2019Gratitude Journaling Boosts Wellness in Psychiatry Residents

Gratitude journaling can improve quality of life by boosting feelings of well-being among psychiatry residents, but...

23 Maio 2019Estrogen a Possible Treatment Option for Schizophrenia?

Adjunctive estrogen significantly reduces schizophrenia symptoms in women in a dose-dependent manner and offers...

23 Maio 2019FDA Clears Assays for Extragenital Chlamydia/Gonorrhea Testing

The Aptima Combo 2 Assay and the Xpert CT/NG are the first tests cleared for diagnostic testing for Chlamydia and...

23 Maio 2019Public Reporting of PCI Outcomes: High Costs and Physician Burden

Survey highlights costs imposed by state-mandated reporting in Massachusetts, but much of the time spent is actually...

23 Maio 2019Registry Outcomes Support Sirolimus-Eluting Stent

Compared with other frequently used newer-generation drug-eluting stents, the ultra-thin sirolimus-eluting device was...

23 Maio 2019Oncology Care Providers Do Discuss Lifestyle With Patients

Oncologists and related professionals report counseling patients on weight loss, diet, and exercise, but few report...

23 Maio 2019Asbestos: A Public Health Crisis of 'Unprecedented Scale'

Dramatic increases in mesothelioma and other asbestos-related cancers and lung diseases are expected to continue for...

23 Maio 2019Daily Self Weigh-in and Tracking Prevents Holiday Excess

Daily weighing linked to a feedback app helped people avoid piling on the pounds over the holiday season (Thanksgiving...

23 Maio 2019Psychedelic Cuts Cravings, Consumption in Alcohol Use Disorder

Preliminary study results are promising, and the study represents a new wave of research into psychedelic drugs and...

23 Maio 2019Restarting Antiplatelet After ICH Cuts Recurrence Risk in Half

Restarting antiplatelet therapy after intracranial hemorrhage remains controversial, but new evidence suggests aspirin...

23 Maio 2019AI Beats Radiologists for Accuracy in Lung Cancer Screening

A deep-learning algorithm detected fewer false positives and negatives when screening for lung cancer with low-dose...

23 Maio 2019Prevalence of Perinatal Depression Significantly Underestimated?

A free mobile app that screens for perinatal depression suggests the prevalence of the disorder is significantly...

23 Maio 2019Guidance Updated for Sports Physicals

Updated guidance for the preparticipation physical evaluation (sports physical) includes evaluating the mental health...

23 Maio 2019Steroids Not Effective for Mild, Low-Eosinophil Asthma

For patients with mild, persistent asthma and low levels of eosinophils, responses to two steroids were no better than...

23 Maio 2019Cancer Deaths Down, Heart Disease Deaths Up Among Middle-Aged

Cancer death rates for middle-aged adults fell from 1999 to 2017; heart disease death rates dropped by 22% from 1999 to...


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